Frequently Asked Questions
When looking at the consumption charts why are some of the bars coloured differently? Answer
On occasion, we will not receive a reading from your meter. When this happens we will use the next good reading and average out the consumption over the missing days. These days are indicated with light blue bars.
I noticed a day is showing zero, but I was home and I recall using water that day. Why is it still being reported as zero? Answer
Due to the measurement scale that we are using for the readings, although some water was used on that day, there was not enough difference in the usage from the previous day to show a value.
I was away on a day so why am I still seeing consumption for that day? Answer
This may be a scenario where you may have a leaky faucet or a toilet that is constantly running. Please check to make sure that this is the not the case.
If I was away on a day and I have confirmed that I have no leaks, why am I still seeing consumption for that day? Answer
Throughout the day we get multiple readings from your home. Depending on what time of the day we get the last successful reading, your consumption may be reported on the next day.
What steps can I take to conserve water and save money? Answer
Please visit the City of Barrie website and review some of our Conservation Tips.
Who can I contact to discuss the usage that is being reported on these charts? Answer
If you have any questions or concerns about this tool, you can e-mail the Water Operations Branch at or alternatively you may phone us at 705-739-4220 ext. 4805
Where can I get more information about the City of Barrie Water Services? Answer
Please visit the City of Barrie website to get information about our Water Services.